how audi, bmw are better than maruti suzuki, honda cars

when honda, marutisuzuki type of cars can complete all the requirements of a comparative car than how other costly and fuel drinking machines are better than them?

पम्मी Says -

all two wheelers are same…then why you ride bikes not cycle ?
its simple @ mr. nightrider
audi, bmw, mercidies cars give you SSS ( safety, speed, smoothness ) with technology and comfort on wheels.

tanya1211 Says -

Hi there,

I want to buy a scooter for myself after reviewing all the brands for scooter I just came across the news that Mahindra 2 wheelers will launch new 2 wheeler- Mahindra Rodeo RZ
new Mahindra Rodeo RZ is with 125cc power engine and it also has great fuel efficiency. It seems to be modern scooter fully loaded to have more fun in life. I have also found a nice site which tells more abt the scooter

Well any suggestions…….

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