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Avon Electric e-Bike VX

Model No: 022 EB

Drive: Triple mode power, Manual, Motor & Pedal assisted

Wheels: 47 – 456 (22X1.75)

Max Speed: 23 Kmph

Range: 30-40kmph

Motor: BLDC 220W

Batteries: LA 36V 12AH, Sealed, Rechargeable

Charger: 220 AC/ 36DC

Weight: Approx.50 kg. with batteries

Charging Time: 4-8 Hours

Rated Load: 70 kgs.

2 Testimonials

  1. Swaminathan V Says -

    would like to replace my avon e-bike VX model’s battery. Kindly let me konw all the details like, where l can get, price, in exchange of old battery, etc., etc., by return mail.

  2. Tarsem singh Says -

    Dear sir,
    I have Avon bike model 022 only 3 year old and have run only about 200 km. I does not run more than 20 km per charge. I want to add one more battery so that cover risk. Kindly advise if I can fit second battery. I shall be thankful for your advice.
    With regards
    Tarsem singh

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