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Micro Car Reva for office Purpose

Most of the working peoples during peak hours drive in their car for office only one or two seats occupied. They are not able to travel on bike as of their company reputation and health requirements. In a way they are having 4-5 empty seats running on road with them in their big car.

Mahindra Reva i

Mahindra Reva i

Mahindra Reva is the small and good looking two-seater electric car which is very compact and beautifully made for two persons with normal sized luggage. It’s a new generation vehicle very Eco-friendly don’t produce any pollution.

For daily use this car is very good for small distances having 1-2 peoples. Its features are compact size, Eco-friendly, modern look, good speed, reliability and less maintenance etc.

Mahindra Reva NXG

Mahindra Reva NXG

Some of disabilities of this car make it useless for regular Indian customers as it does not provide everything what a customer need from his car. Being an electric and battery operated it need hours to charge before use. Only some persons can afford this kind of routine [hours of charging time]. Its costs are near to a small diesel car than why users have to compromise on other things in same price. Running costs are less but maintenance cost becomes very high due to battery change after 2-3 years.

As an office guy how you rate Mahindra Reva useful for you with Petrol/Diesel version of small size 500-600 cc engines. That will truly fulfill the small car requirement which Tata Nano failed to fill properly.

Smart two Seater Car

Smart two Seater Car - Petrol, Diesel, and Electric Variant

Germany made Smart Cars looks awesome on all aspects and ready for Indian market but they are still not available here in India.

After some design improvements, price reduce and new engine variants Mahindra Reva can break all records of sale and popularity.

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