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Avon Electric Bike e-Plus

Model No: 018 EB

Drive: Triple mode power, Manual, Motor & Pedal assisted

Wheels: Aluminium alloy

Tyres: 54-355 (18″X2.50″)

Max Speed: 24 Kmph

Range: 50 kms. Between charges

Motor: BLDC 220W

Batteries: 48V 12 AH Sealed maintenance Free, Rechargeable

Charger: AC220V/ 48 VDC

Charging Time: 6-8 Hours

Weight: 53 kg. with batteries

Suspensions: Shock absorbers Front and Rear.

Display Board: Power On /Off Battery Status, Speedometer, Indicator Flasher L.& R.

Rated Load: 75 kgs.

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