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How to Purchage old Car ?

A select few people mostly automotive dealership owners or relatives of automotive dealership owners tend to view the auto sales industry as nothing more than a legitimate business within a community while others tend to have a less than flattering opinion. Car dealers are not particularly well liked by many, and the reputation of the industry has suffered accordingly. Because many feel that they have received the short end of the stick on an automotive purchase, consumer awareness regarding unscrupulous advertising and sales methods has risen. Many dealerships, including supposedly reputable businesses, use nickel and dime methods to maximize their profits. Unwary or uneducated consumers end up paying more than fair market value or paying for unnecessary treatments, fees and financing options that inflate their payments by tens if not hundreds of dollars.
Although many consider getting raked over the coals when purchasing a new or used car as simply the price of doing business, some have taken action to ensure that they are getting the vehicle they want at a fair price. From comparing the prices of multiple dealerships to requiring a detailed explanation of the invoice, consumers are getting better at curtailing expenses when making a purchase. Buyers need to be aware, however, that there far worse creatures lurk in the shark infested waters of the auto sales industry, particularly in the realm of used cars.
Used car dealers often offer warranties of thirty days, or, if the car is a late model the balance of factory warranty. Those who are considering buying a car with a short term warranty need to understand that not all, but some dealers will recognize serious problems with a used auto and choose not to repair them to keep their investment in the vehicle as low as possible. They will, however, sell the car at a price that would indicate it has no reliability issues without disclosing their knowledge to the customer. The best defense against these sorts of practices is to have the vehicle checked out by a certified mechanic before purchasing. A good mechanic, specifically one who has graduated from an automotive technical school or who has obtained ASE certification, will be able to spot serious and potentially serious problems and give you a recommendation for what will soon need to be repaired or replaced. The cost of taking having a vehicle inspected is nothing compared to the cost of buying a short term warranty vehicle only to find out after the warranty has ended that the vehicle has problems that will be expensive to fix.

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