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Razorback NE Price

herocycles razor back

Frame: Ergonomically designed based on D-technology frame & unmatched strength built-in design. Unique design mountain bike frame with integral carrier.

Fork: Uni-crown MIG welded fork. Extra rigidity provided in design. Eye catching pair of Crown caps.

Handle: MTB style double curved handle with extended stem. Synthetic resin grips for better riding comforts. Attractive bar ends with comfortable sleeve.

Brakes: High strength steel reinforced, Three finger design levers for an effective caliper brake system.

Mudguards: Steel U-shaped wider section.

Hubs: Thick barrel, steel Nickel Chrome plated.

Chain wheel & Crank: 44 Teeth x 165mm Crank with attractive plastic molded rotating disc.

Chain Cover: Elegantly styled Steel half Chaincover with combination of rotating plastic chain disc.

Saddle: Moulded PU foam comfortable.

Pedals: Synthetic fiber molded wider body single piece reflectorized body.

Stand: Steel Black Powder Coated side stand. Sturdiness built into the design.

Colors: Model available in attractive thermosetting acrylic/metallic laser tinted/flourscent special synthetic paints.

Attractive graphics styled to match the taste of today’s youth.

Sizes: Models available in 26T & 24T wheel size.

Razorback NE Price: 24T 3215 and 26T 3230 Rs.

Mentioned Price are only approx price and subject to change without prior notice as per company policy or applicable tax change. For exact price of Razorback NE contact nearest authorized Hero Cycles dealer.

7 Testimonials

  1. Aniruddha Jain Says -

    Hero Razorback NE is definitely a right choice.. the look are great and the strength of the cycle is awesome. The cycle has a trust of Hero! no doubt the world no.1 cycle company. anyways its a nice article you wrote about the cycle. Quite impressive!

  2. danush Says -

    i want the price in india

  3. Irteza kazmi Says -

    heyyyyy guyss plzz tell me that hero razorback is a heavyweight cycle or
    lightweight cycle plzz reply fast

  4. Subhasish Says -

    danush it’s cost is Rs 3500 and irteza it is a light weigt cycle………..

  5. nicks mj Says -

    i like ths rzrback bicycle……………… It must be modified with gears and disk brakes ryt

  6. ashim Says -

    Rozarback is not a good choice because it’s difficulty to ride , i bye this cycle last night , i am not satasfai with that
    looks is good but not compfortable . light weight but not to easy for ride , friends dont’ chose this bicycle…i want to sell it .if u r interested to buy then ur matter..

  7. Argha Says -

    Can ths carry a person in the carrier

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