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Octane Spear 26T Price

hero cycles octane spear

Frame: Stylishly Designed Light weight Aluminum/Steel Super – Shox Suspension Mountain Bike frame. Two-piece design frame with maintenance-free full suspension system. Built from high strength Aluminum alloy AL-6061 front quadrant. Specialized heat treatment T4 / T6 for Unmatched Strength & Flexural Rigidity.Beautiful Pulse TIG welding an added attraction.

Fork: Suspension Type Mountain Bike Fork

Handle: Ergonomically designed Mountain Bike Handle. Soft & comfortable Synthetic Resin Grips.

Brakes: Equipped with front disc brake. Ultra effective V-Cantilever Rear brake. Resin molded steel reinforced brake levers for an effective braking. Friction-free cables for an effective braking.

Wheels: Extra wide tyres 26 x 2.1 size. 36 Hole Alloy hubs. Alloy rims Black Quick release system on front wheel

Mudguards: Specially designed resin molded MTB type Fenders

Chain wheel & Crank: 24 x 34 x 42T Chain wheel Crank. Built-in Resin molded attractive trouser guard.

Saddle: Comfortable MTB style PU padded saddle. Quick Release system for quick adjustment of seat height

Pedals: Molded PP Body with Steel Balls , 9/16″ Axle with Reflectors

Stand: Steel Center kick Stand.

Graphics: Attractive Graphics styled to match the taste of extremely demanding Youth of today.

Gear System: Rapid fire 21 Speed Shimano Gear system.

Octane Spear 26T Price: 8420 Rs.

Mentioned Price are only approx price and subject to change without prior notice as per company policy or applicable tax change. For exact price of Octane Spear 26T contact nearest authorized Hero Cycles dealer.

40 Testimonials

  1. Sanjay Rajai Says -

    please send me the quotations of the Hero Octane series cycles.

  2. shubham Says -

    The price of this Octane Spear in the market is so costly with thre it is mentioned.
    The market price is around 15,000.

  3. shubham Says -

    Yesterday I went to a shop to buy Octane Spear 26T, the price was 6500
    i was shocked and then i also bargain it gave me the price of 6000. I became
    very excited.

  4. Kabir Says -

    Please ,
    Tell me exact price of this bicycle in Indore.

  5. shubham Says -

    this price is of vadodara

  6. kushal dey Says -

    shubham cn u please tell me the name of the shop where itz said rs6000
    itz urgent.

  7. subhasish boruah Says -

    i want to buy a hero octane cycle for me which would i choice the recra,
    genius or spear out of this which will be better system and performance
    what is price of all four of this bike and please suggest me the answer
    what is the price all this bike in guwahati and sibsagar assam

  8. rocky Says -

    hi this is rocky from dhaka….i just wanna buy a hero cycle and probably i will go to kolkata in next month. so can any one of you please tell me the actual price of this octane spear so that it will be very helpful for me. and also pls give ur comment about the hero genious as i like that also……………pls comment

  9. rocy Says -

    hi roky you cn go though the dealers over there

  10. Manish Khatana Says -

    i like only octane estes it is very cheap and good looking also i am buing
    it till august i am very excited for buing it

  11. kush Says -

    it is a superb cycle

  12. ved prakash pandey Says -

    मेरे पास है हीरो Octane Spear मुझे इसे लिए १ साल हो गया है लेकिन घर पर कोई चलने वाला नहीं है इश लिए बेचना चाहता हु किसी को चाहिए तो मुझसे से संपर्क करे

    ved prakash pandey
    Allahabad u.p

  13. muntakem Says -

    In Kolkata, the price of this bike is Rs. 9000.

  14. Ameya Says -

    Bought this bike… Had gone with a mind to take Astra or Estes…
    But when i checked this bike, nothing but only this
    was going to be my bike… Best bike in India

  15. subrat Says -

    hello friends, according to subham its price is around 6000,but muntaken is saying it is around 9000 after 2 months….Unbelievable yaar.please quote the correct price yaar.i want to buy a recra or esete.

  16. ujwal Says -

    it is superb international cycle for stunts it is fantastic

  17. Rahul Says -

    I had buyed hero genius in india maharashtra thane bt d only thing is dat if u
    bye hero genius den after its sevicing its front suspension becomes a bit noisy
    bt d cycle is bst on off-roads,plain roads,or etc its altus gear system is brilliant
    then anyother cycle . the moment u sit on d cycle for testing the superior oil suspension at rear is
    like flow of air . the cycle’s supension are really cooooooool…….!!!!!!!!

  18. Bhargav Borah Says -

    wat is the price of octane spear in nagaon assam, also suggest me which octane cycle is the best in these two mentioned- spear or estes

  19. Aniruddha Jain Says -

    This is a great bike for those who love speed and traveling long distances for a whole day. The sturdy build makes your ride very comfortable. Its extremely attractive design makes the Hero Octane Spear 26T Road bike look much costlier than it actually is!

  20. karun Says -

    i got it for Rs.8700 in general cycle store in kalyan (west),maharastra

  21. Prajwal Nayak Says -

    its a superb a cycle, stylish looks and what do want go bye this mountain
    bike, I have buy this cycle for Rs.9.700………Its just Awesome dude………………..!

  22. jugal Says -

    Shubham from where did u bought octane spear for 6000 in vadodara..!??

  23. SAGAR Says -


  24. Aman kapate Says -

    this is very gud cycle and i want 2 buy it bt my father is saying wait till the may and i want to know the price so friends please tell me the actual price of th cycle its my favourite

  25. arjun Says -

    i wanna knoe its price… anybody?

    is it hero’s best bike?

  26. syed ali Says -

    this is the best cycle i have ever seen.so i am excited to buy it . so i wanna know the exact price of this cycle in hyderabad.

  27. anish admani Says -

    hey do you know the price of this bike in GOA coz i wnt dis bike a little cheaper

  28. Benson Barretto Says -

    This is my best bike after hero DTB ranger….. its awsome for zip-driving, high speed handling, terrian grip, braking grip etc is just great of this bike <3 this bike <3

  29. Ravish Hegde Says -

    wats the price of it in bangalore? plz anyone tel me……..

  30. aniruddh Says -

    i m fan of octane spear !dadda said if my result was excellent in all so i’ll get that ,and it is so tommorow i wish to buy it

  31. sanoj solomon Says -

    i want to know the lowest price of hero octane spear and the new model octane to be known

  32. Aditya kuri Says -

    I want to buy a octane speare

  33. Eshaan Says -

    Today evening i went to buy a cycle when I asked the price of hero octane Spear 21 speed , he told me the price to be 12500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ):

  34. krishiraj puwar Says -

    it is so costly for me to by this cycle

  35. Benson Barretto Says -

    Its handling and control is good and easy on lose/wet grounds and at high speeds.Need no maintance for long periods.
    Its my first love 😉

  36. prabhas Says -

    i want to buy this cycle where it available in bhubaneswar,Odisha, please tell me

  37. Ashwinkumar Says -

    This Is Very Good Cycle And I Have Buy This Cycle For Rs 12000=/ From Amravati

  38. ankit Says -

    it is very nice. I want it now.I have money now so I had to buy it.I love it .

  39. Asifali S Dongargaon Says -

    Very nice cycle

  40. Ambuj Says -

    What is the price in bihar

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