Brat Kids Cycle

Frame: Balance beam design frame – as per latest international technology ( Patented Design )

Fork: UNI-Crown MIG welded fork. Extra strength built in to design.

Handle: Ergonomically designed Hi-rise for Tiny Tots. Soft synthetic resin grips.

Brakes: Specially engineered caliper brake system.Steel reinforced resin moulded brake levers. Friction-free cable casings for effective braking.

Chain Cover: Stylishly full chain cover made from colorful plastics for added safety of child.

Chain Wheel & Crank: 28T Steel BPC.

Pedal: Improved resin moulded anti-skid body pedals.

Saddle: Stylishly designed Hi-rise style Saddle with integral backrest.

Trainer Wheels: Specially designed extra strong trainer wheels

Wheels: Colorful MAG Wheels.Tires, thus no hassles for tube punctures

Mudguard: Colorful plastic mudguards

Colors: Model available in attractive shades from special synthetic paints.

Graphics: Attractive graphics styled to match the taste of today’s highly demanding kids.

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