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Ace 16t

Frame: Ergonomically designed stylish boys ATB frame. Over sized oval tubing for unmatched strength and rigidity.

Fork: Uni-crown MIG welded. Extra strength built into the design.

Handle: Stylishly designed, extra raised, extended stem. Soft Synthetic Resin molded Grips with Mushroom Design.

Brakes: Specially Engineered side pull Caliper Brake system. Steel reinforced resin moulded Brake levers. Friction-free cable casings for effective braking.

Wheels: 20 x 1.75 with Steel Rims.

Chain Cover: Stylishly designed Steel Chain cover.

Chain Wheel & Crank: 36T steel BPC.

Pedals: Specially designed resin moulded anti-skid body reflectorised pedals.

Saddle: Stylishly designed Hi-rise style Saddle with integral backrest.

Trainer Wheel: Channel Type side supporter as per latest international trend. Specially designed extra strong Trainer wheel. Attractive, large resin molded wheels.

Mudguard: Attractive steel Mudguards.

Basket: Resin molded twin color matching basket as per the latest design.

Colors & Graphics: Model available in colorful shades. Attractive Graphics styled to match the taste of today’s highly demanding Kids.

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