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Safe Drive Tips for Children

A most pleasant step for parents is that when their child starts sitting, standing, walking and driving. These are step by step process of upgrading their child. When the child smile, there is no limit of pleasure for the parents but when the child weep or cry then they become excruciating. But the above steps discussed need a huge care when child are going on road of growth or from buttock to pedestal and pedestal to wheels.

We will discuss here the safety and necessary recommendations for first ride for minors mean when a child starts learning his first riding with bicycle. There are some main points that hazard for their ride. Falling down from the bicycle is one of the main risks. Other one is safety from the running road.

First and foremost instruction is the presence of parents or a adult supervisor for ride, who can guide him/ her adequately. Presence of parents makes the child confidence up and he/ she can take risk of riding more easily. It is necessary to give helpful instructions to the child in case of risk or danger. Child should aware about the risks forward in riding bicycle or bikes.

However after giving every instruction and guidelines of riding to minor it is necessary that a adult should attend the ride. In the starting face this is very urgently necessary because there can be anything happen on a running road or at a condition of unbalance.

There are some bikes or bicycles which have a good safety review. We recommend to following them for your child’s first ride. However there are some important tips which discussed as below.

Child Helmet

As you know there is no minor license in most of the countries. However they should familiar with the rules and instruction boards displayed on roads. A head gear is must thing in driving for everyone. So also in the minors case it become more important that they should wear a good quality of helmet. It is parents duty that they make habitual to child to wear the helmet in every ride when drive. Make a habit from the beginning to wear helmet.

Similar of helmet it is also good to purchase a good quality of knee pads and gloves which protect child’s body in scratches or minor accidents like falling down from bicycle or bikes. A rider must also have a good quality of shoes which can prevent from abrasion. These things are necessary even if there is a supervision look on the minor’s ride.

It is instructive for child to keep drive smooth and slowly. Maximum minor riders zoom off their bicycles or bikes and straddle. They make rides so fast that they cover street in a flash of minute. There is a huge possibility of arriving a truck or car whose driver may not be aware about the minor driver. These factors make most possibility of a bike or car accident. So it is necessary to educate your child to stop and see formula at the driveway and check meant for arriving a other vehicle or person.

In developed and developing countries there is a separate lane for bicycle riders. It is advisable that drive only in recommend lane. However for other nations, drive in the direction of traffic and try to drive in one lane instead of a zigzag way. Teach your children that they have to follow the above instructions and drive slow on a running road keeping one side corner in the direction of traffic.

Directional Signals Of Hand

Directional signals knowledge is must for a rider, let it be a minor. Hand is mostly used to give a signal in bicycle riding. A rider should aware about the hands directional signals. However it’s not easy to teach to children. These things are important when children starts moving independently and like bicycle race. At these cases a driver should be aware of what a child is going to do next, these instructions can really stop a lot of accident and mishaps.

Minor drivers should have a boundary to ride. Children pedal bike are dangerous without a periphery riding boundary. Maintain a limit of crossing and let them ride back from the point. As you aware that child bikes doesn’t have breaks. If there is slopping surface for ride then it is difficult to control on the ride and that may cause a accident.

The basic fundamentals of driving should be clear in the children mind. Parents or a adult should teach all the guidelines like functions or need of indictors, they should explain the needs of Red lights and instruct them to stop at red light and move at green light. Children should stop their indicators in straight move and should aware about their correct side to move. Generally drivers don’t care to see child riders.

Make A Safe Distance From Vehicles

When child drive they have not that much good control on the vehicle as a adult man. So it is necessary to keep a safe distance from other vehicles, though they parked. As every adult aware that parked vehicles are more dangerous than moving vehicles. Parked vehicles can move frequently ahead and reverse. So children should be taught to remain at a safe distance from all parked as well as moving vehicles. They should maintain at least a distance of 3-4 feet from parked car/ four wheelers.

Every young blood love stunts let it be bike stunts or bicycle stunts. However these stunt give majority of injuries in the children. Stunts have a trick, which comes after good drive skills in the particular wheels mean bike stunts or cycle stunts. Parents should teach about the risk of stunts and following of autos.

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