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Motorcycle Toe only Gear solution – Shoe Damage Problem

Sporty motorcycles of all make have main gear shift lever of toe only type because it takes less shifting time because of its position. but it becomes  difficult for riders to save their shoes from damage as they pull up the gear lever. Gear shift lever wrapped in rubber to save feet but its hard enough in some bikes to make a hole after some weeks. In sandals it becomes painful to ride this type of bikes as it harm your feet top skin. Some companies use soft gearshift which does not damage shoes but makes them dirty daily. It needs proper cleaning daily. This problem happens not only in sports shoes but leather shoes also get rough from specific place.

For rider even skip these bikes due to this problem as this force rider to buy shoes after every 4-5 months.

Twist Gear Lever

During gear shifting up shoe remain below shift lever. Shoe shape is curvy and metal lever rod put its tip on the shoe curve. You may get rid of problem by twisting gear a little in upward direction. That will make lever rod putting pressure in more area on the shoe and reduce worn-out.

Change Gear Lever

You can change your motorcycle’s toe gear shift/ half lever from any private mechanic near you with any full shift lever of any other regular bike. Mechanic had to do some adjustment. It does not fit like original but it works fine. You should skip this solution in new motorcycles as it may collapse your manufacturer guarantee due to parts modification policy.

Buy Good Branded or special Shoes

Good quality leather shoes worn a little as compare to low quality leather or sports shoes. They need a little daily maintenance/polish to keep the impression away from them.

Shift Cushion Solution

Motorcycle Gear Shift CushionShoe damages during shift lever in up direction. You can save your shoe by applying a cushion at its bottom. You can fix it by tying or sticking it with the rod.

Cushion Wrap Solution

Motorcycle Cushion Wrap

Use any black hand-bar grip or LPG gas pipe or sponge based housing pipe used to route car A/C in small cars. These are very soft and will not dirt/color shoes. Put your gear shift lever inside that pipe and fix the pipe tying or sticking it on the lever.

In all above solutions you need to tie or stick the cushion on the lever. Don’t use electrician tape or anything of that kind. Shoes are hard and it removes the tape only after 20-30 shifts or in single ride. After that it will pick the dust from atmosphere and dirt your shoes. You should also service your bike at proper interval and take extra care of smooth gear shift. Use good quality oil for smooth shifting. You can also mix above solution with each other to make your gear shifting totally hassle free and just concentrate on your bike rides.

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8 Testimonials

  1. raj kumar Says -

    I use woodland shoes, and I have noticed absolutely no problems with the toe shifter. I used it on my Unicorn and using it on the R15 too. Shoes absolutely fine.

  2. satish rana Says -

    I am daily applying more polish on the spot of my leather shoes, and then shiner. The patch is there but it is not visible unless you see it very closely (1 feet distance)..

  3. d.bakshi Says -

    Guys, fitting the heel&toe lever is not viable for all bikes like yamaha R15
    The tape or anything stuck to the toe shifter does not stay for too long, due to the curvature of the rod.
    loosing my new pair of addidas 🙁

  4. avneesh duhan Says -

    why do you wana save your shoes man,,,a spoiled left shoe is an identity and pride of a biker,,i dont mind spoiling my Puma or Reebok for that matter

  5. Rajashankar Says -

    For this option i spoiled woodland sandal, Reebok shoe and a black shoe..Now a days i stop to wear this shoes..

  6. Dee Says -

    What Does an Orthodontist do?


  7. Ginn Says -

    Same problem here. I have pulsar 180 and I hate this gear lever. How many shoes can I change ? They should give both the levers at the time of buying as options.

  8. Muneer Says -

    I Tried with good quality shoes and cushion wrap. Still got problem 🙁

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